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AdTech Systems Research Inc

AdTech Systems Research,Inc.

Executive Management

AdTech Systems Research Inc

Chairman of the Board: Mrs. Gita Soni (M.S. in Mathematics and Statistics, BA, BED) Owner of AdTech Systems Research, Inc., has served with AdTech in this capacity since 1985. She oversees all aspects of the company on a day-to-day basis.

President and C.E.O.: Dr. Som R. Soni (M.S., PhD) He has served in this capacity since the company was founded in 1984 around his personal expertise in mechanics of composite materials. He also serves as Director of research and development. He is well known in the scientific community for his contributions to the level of technology in the area of advanced materials and structures for aerospace, automotive and other industries. Dr. Soni is the recipient of numerous awards and is frequently requested as keynote speaker and presenter at various conferences and symposia around the world.              

Director of Operations: Mr. Dina N. Kapur (M.B.A, B.S., B.S.(Chemical Engg), M.S. courses in Chemical Engg.) has served with AdTech since 1985. He manages all financial and accounting functions for the company. Thus he has ultimate responsibility for accounts payable, accounts receivable, taxes, insurance, lines of credit, cash flow, payroll, Profit and Loss Statements, financial audits, Workers Comp, 401(k), etc.

Manager of Contracts: Mr. Gary Woodward (B.A.) is a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, manages all of AdTech’s contractual activities --- both Government and commercial.

Business Development and HR Manager: Mr. V. Anthony (Tony) Hand (B.A with MBA level education) has served in this dual-capacity since 1991. He is the primary marketing point of contact for both Government and commercial customers, and is also responsible for establishing capture teams and teaming agreements. Additionally, Mr. Hand is responsible for the management of all Human Resources functions and compliance with all labor laws and regulations.

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